Player Expectations

Rules, Expectations & Policies

As an athlete you are the one of the most visible ambassadors of Rock Creek High School, please take this responsibility seriously. These rules and policies are designed to set clear guidelines and expectations. All members of the team are responsible for knowing and abiding by these policies, as well as the guidelines as indicated in the student handbook for Rock Creek High School.


The Rock Creek Eligibility policy states that any student with 2 F’s is ineligible. If you become ineligible, you will not practice with the team until you become eligible and get your school work caught up.  Absences during ineligibility will be considered unexcused. Remediation is available after school Monday-Thursday 3:15 -5:30 in room 107.

As a student-athlete YOU are responsible for maintaining academic obligations. There is generally a high correlation between successes in the classroom and successes on the field. Develop your academic skills to your potential.

In the past 4 seasons one of our goals has been to place in the top 3 in the nation in team GPA. In 2014 we got 13th, in 2015 we placed 4th, in 2016 we placed 6th in the Nation, in 2017we had our best as we earned a collective GPA of 3.82 and were recognized as 3rd in the Nation. This past season we had a cumulative GPA of 3.81 and earned a 4th place finish academically. We want to excel in the classroom and on the field.  There is a high correlation between the two. We have many NFCA scholar athletes as well as many Kansas Scholar Athletes each year.


It takes great discipline to be a student athlete.  Players need to follow policies and rules as set forth by Rock Creek High School and the coaches. The student handbook outlines policies with regard to discipline, attendance, tardies, and substance abuse.

Excessive absences will result in removal from the team.
Excessive detentions will result in removal from the team.
Excessive discipline issues will result in removal from the team.
Substance abuse – 1st offense – 20-day suspension from the team.
Substance abuse – 2nd offense – semester suspension.

The manufacturing, distributing, possessing, or use of illicit drugs, controlled substances,
inhalants, vaping, or alcoholic beverages will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply will result in disciplinary actions as outlined in the student handbook and at the discretion of the coaching staff. Any action that is detrimental to the team will be addressed and face consequences.

The effect of a player’s actions and attitude upon team morale is one of the greatest measures of worth to our team.  We will be the first to recognize your positive worth to this program, likewise; we will not hesitate in taking necessary steps to deal with actions that adversely affect team morale.  As a coaching staff, it is our sincere belief that “behavior that is not confronted – will not change.”  If there are behaviors that are confronted/addressed, steps should be taken to remedy the problem/issue.

What you do on and off the field reflects on parents, teammates, coaches, and Rock Creek High School.  Be a credit to each of them.  Bestselling author Jon Gordon touts:
“Each day we have a choice to be a germ or a big dose of Vitamin C. Emotions are  contagious—find a way to be positively contagious.”

Appropriate language, behavior and actions are expected at all times.
Profanity has no place in our practices and/or games; expect disciplinary action.

Alumni, students, faculty, administration, and the general public follow our contests with interest.  Therefore, we should conduct ourselves in such a manner, on and off the field that will not bring embarrassment to our program.

As a basic rule: “Remember who you are, and who you represent, and govern yourself accordingly.”


With regard to social media, anything that is posted that has a negative connotation or effect on our team or our players is subject to disciplinary actionThink before you post.
It is ABSOLUTELY inappropriate for any athlete to post anything on social media (Facebook, twitter, snapchat, etc.) that talks negatively about a practice, game, another player, or coach.

This will NOT BE TOLERATED and the 1st offense will be a 1 game suspension and the 2nd offense will result in the player being removed from the team. It needs repeating: Think before you post. 


It is imperative that there is communication between everyone involved with our sport.  We will have days that we practice inside at RC, or at the field. We will do the best we can to communicate these situations.  Players must communicate with parents as well with regard to practices, games, and altered schedules.

INJURIES & MEDICAL CONDITIONS: Communicate to the coaching staff any injuries, concerns or medical conditions that we need to be made aware of should an emergency arise.
Preventative medicine is the best medicine. (allergies, asthma, diabetes, sprains, strains, etc.)
Our district has trainers from JointFit  - Dr. Rich Foveaux will be here on Wednesday mornings.
If you need the attention of a trainer, please let the coaches be aware of the need and we will get you on his list of people to see.


Student athletes wishing to participate in track must designate a primary sport. Athletes will be required to attend the chosen sport when there are scheduling conflicts.  The district has a policy that will be enforced with regard to dual sports. Softball is a competitive TEAM sport and athletes that miss practice or events may have an effect on team chemistry.


Each softball player will be asked to write down their individual and team goals for the season. If it is not clear what you are striving to accomplish, our mission can get confusing. Setting goals is essential for both individual and team success.  Vague goals produce vague results, specific goals produce specific results.

“The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don’t define them, or
ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners can tell you
where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing
the adventure with them.”


No one likes to be told that they have an “attitude”, but in essence, we all have an “attitude”. No matter what that “attitude” is, it is contagious. If you approach softball (and life) everyday with the attitude that you want to learn more, work hard, have fun, and be successful – that is exactly what will happen for you. However, if you approach softball (and life) every day with the attitude that it’s been a bad day, nothing ever goes right, and why do we have to do this – it will be a struggle to feel or be successful. You have to make the choice about which way you will approach every day. If you choose to be positive,   others will follow. If you chose to be negative, others will still follow. Attitudes are very   contagious – to keep yourself in check – “Is yours worth catching?”  (germ or Vitamin C)

*Team chemistry killers – gossip, cliques, negative body language, and poor non-verbal communication.


BE ON TIME EVERYDAY. This is important to your coaches and teammates and makes an impression about your commitment level.

On a day-to-day basis, all players are expected to assist with equipment.

Expect to have practice EVERYDAY.  On game day rain outs – we will have indoor practice. If you are going to miss a practice coaches should know prior to the day you are going to be gone. Players who miss a practice will be expected to make up for time lost. This will happen outside of practice time. Excessive absences will not be tolerated and grounds for losing playing time. If you miss a practice the day before a game you will not start for that game. You are a member of a team, teammates depend on each other. Practicing as a team is a priority.

Practices will be organized and structured. Players are expected to wear pants during practice daily. Athletes are expected to have focus and be prepared. We want to be efficient when moving from one drill to another. Players are expected to remain active and involved. With regard to practice when it’s sitting time, we will all sit.

“You can't make footprints in the sands of time if you're sitting on your butt.
And who wants to see butt prints in the sand?"

We want practice to be full of positive interaction and encouragement. If someone needs to be criticized, that is the responsibility of the coaches, not the players.

For both practice days and game days players are expected to go directly to the fields or location of practice.

Cell phones are not to be used during practice.

Be responsible for your personal items. We will practice in different locations and things left behind may be lost.  Please pick up after yourself and your teammates too.

In any sport, there are only so many things you can control.
You can’t control the weather. You can’t control the officiating.
You can’t control injuries and illnesses among players.
But you can control the level of your preparation. Focus on what you can control.


Athletes are expected to be in school ALL DAY on the day of a contest.  Students can be excused for extenuating circumstances, but should make every effort to be in school to be eligible to play.


All players will travel to away games with the team. A release form must be signed by a parent for players to travel home by any other means than the team bus/van. Players are expected to behave and follow bus rules to and from contests. Bus drivers should be shown respect and appreciation. We expect you to clean up after yourself and each other. Players that misbehave on the bus will have consequences. **For away varsity contests, players will be expected to ride the bus home together. **


Displaying good sportsmanship is mandatory. Always show respect for spectators, opponents, coaches, teammates, and umpires. Players will not show their frustration by using either verbal or non-verbal gesture, throwing bats, gloves or helmets in disgust. Profanity will not be allowed. Negative behaviors will have consequences. Good sportsmanship is essential to our program.


The dugout is an area for coaches, players, and managers. During games we need to eliminate distractions in our dugout. We will always have Gatorade or water available; if you need something else get it before the game. There will be no lawn chairs or player chairs in the dugout.

Cell phones should be turned off in the dugout and are not to be used during games. Coaches’ cell phones will be on and available for emergency purposes.

During the games, all of our players should be focused on the game. Everyone has a job to do, whether you are on the field or on the bench. Our players on the bench need to be studying the game and the situations, never knowing when they may be called upon to help.  Additionally—players need to pay attention to avoid injury.

Between games players will have no more than 15 minutes to use the restroom and have a light snack/drink if needed. This isn’t a time to lose focus; it is still “team time”. Pitchers and catchers will not have as much time and will need ample time to prepare for the 2nd game.

We meet following every game. Players need to remain in the dugout or on the field until dismissed. At home games players will be expected to help put the equipment away; on away games players are expected to help get equipment to the bus.


Players are required to wear the uniform as it should be worn. Player will wear the tops, pants, and socks issued to them by the school. In 2016, we ordered team warm up jackets and on cold game nights if a player is going to wear something over their uniform it needs to be this numbered warm up jacket. Last year we got NEW uniforms **players are expected to take care of their own uniform** Players will have to replace &/or remit payment for lost, damaged, or stolen articles issued to them. Uniforms and issued equipment need to be returned on or before the post season team party.

* Distracting or individualistic apparel, equipment, or accessories will not be allowed.
* A player will not be allowed to wear a Rock Creek uniform and compete with a visible hickey.


Varsity letters for softball (including managers) will be awarded based on the following standards:

  • Participate in 70% of the varsity games.
  • Meet all attendance requirements (meetings, practices, and games)
  • A player will receive an athletic letter if they compete in softball for 4 years.
  • A coach may award a varsity letter or a provisional letter to a player who has contributed in a positive manner to the success of the team. (injury, illness or special circumstance)
  • Complete the season in good standing. Prior to receiving an athletic letter each player shall return/replace &/or remit payment for lost, damaged, or stolen articles issued to them.


We expect players to attend the post-season celebration/banquet.

We honor our seniors for their commitment to our program with a celebration on our last home game of the season. We would love to have all players in attendance on that night, as well as their families to acknowledge the seniors and their families on this occasion.  We will have a potluck style dinner and recognize each senior and their accomplishments.  This year, that game will be on Tuesday,
May 7 against Rossville. 

Softball is a team sport.
We are excited to have you as a part of our program.
Please remember, we are just that – a team program.
Every individual on each team has a role, and all those roles are valued equally.
Our team and program needs will supersede individual preferences.